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Where to Buy Furniture: List of Online Furniture Sites In India

Home is not home without a few interesting and good looking furniture. Getting the perfect furniture fragments for your home can be a difficult mission, it requires a big work to mix and match with decoration and overall look to make it feels homey. Since there are numerous choices to purchase online furniture, now you can just sit on your sofa and browse the internet to find furniture online.

There are various online furniture shopping sites in India, but merely few sites which are genuine that actually give you quality and value for your money.



Known to be India’s largest online furniture store brings an exclusive range of collection in furniture and decor. The best thing about shopping kinds of stuff from FabFurnish is that you get numerous options and best quality.


India’s first online platform that provides home furniture among st other products on rent. Rentsher offers you the amazing collection of home furniture and the amazing prices too.

Urban Ladder

If you are looking for Indian’s brands that provide world-class customer experience, Urban Ladder will be the right for you. Urban Ladder products are top and the service is a sheer delight, especially for packaging.

You can trust the packaging of Urband Ladder in spite of all kinds of work ongoing, there will not be any damage to the product. There is also a follow-up call by the delivery manager asking when they can come and assemble.


One of the leading store in India with free shipping and EMI (Express Mail International) option available across  India, Pepperfry is an online home and lifestyle shopping store in India selling products with cash on delivery facilities.


Is engages in online retail for furniture and household goods headquarter in Bangalore, India. Mebelkart is a managed marketplace, providing contact between vendors and buyers of furniture, home furnishings, and related products within India. Nowadays, Mebelkart also provides contact between interior designers and consumers. If you are looking for products to fill your bedroom, kitchen, and other appliance you can take a look at its website.


This online store offers you an array of functional and stylish home products ranging from furniture to decor. Its products provide customers with everything they need in the kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, outdoors as well as a special range of products for kids, fine foods and accents, collectibles, frivolities, and much more.


Another of the best furniture online store, Craftatoz is an online decor brand bringing a fine collection of international style furniture and decor accessories to the Indian masses. At Craftatoz you can get an opportunity to express yourself through the premium collection of furniture. Carefully handcrafted, Craftatoz’s collection is made to suit the likes and budget of an urban Indian.Online Indian furniture shopping site



If you are looking for an online custom furniture store, WoodenStreet may be your answer. This store offers you an exclusive custom made and ready design furniture at every doorstep across India.

While selecting your favorite furniture, make sure to check the sellers and product reviews.

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Top 5 Online Furniture Store India

Business of furniture and home equipment have never stopped to develop and innovate. As a business with a constant demand, furniture is still needed by consumers all over the world. India as one of furniture producers in Asia also never stop producing various works of furniture with innovative and uniquedesigns. Indian furniture hasits own special characteristic compared to other furniture in the world. Along with the development of digital world, furniture marketing has also started to be done online. Buying and selling furniture online has now become a common method chosen by many people in the world, especially Indian consumers. From various online websites offering furniture products in India, here we have summarized some of which into top 5 online furniture site India. Here’s the review:71izjHBZZ4L._SL1400_.jpg

  • Wooden Street

This is one of big online furniture store India with a variety of unique furniture design that is worth choosing. The uniqueness of its design makes its products so ‘different’ with other commonfurniture designs. Online marketing is chosen by Wooden Street as a new concept in its furniture marketing. With excellent service, Wooden Street deserves to be chosen.

  • Pepperfry

Pepperfry is one of the largest online furniture shopping India headquartered in Mumbai. This store has a wide selection of furniture models ranging from home decor, dining, kitchen, to bedroom. This store is categorized into the largest furniture stores in India because there are approximately 600 thousand products offered by this store. Started in 2012, Pepperfry continues to grow and lately began to focus its products only in home decor and furniture units from large brands across India.

  • FabFurnish

This is one of India’s online furniture store based in Gurgaon, NCR. From its first opening, only launch about 3000 furniture products only, where this number further expanded to approximately 80,000 products. It’s quite an amazing development. With special services such as free expert assembly, on-the-spot product demos, accurate package tracking, and open delivery, this online furniture store continues to attract its customer’sloyalty.

  • Urban Ladder

This online furniture store is headquartered in Bangalore, India. It started its business in 2012 ago. A wide range of home decor and furniture are offered, ranging from beds, sofas, wardrobes, dining and other furniture categories. This furniture store started his business practice on Indian e-commerce by offering sofas to their online customers. This is one of the best reference furniture store in India.IMG-20171030-WA0002.jpg

  • Craftatoz

Craftatoz is a retailer of solid wooden furniture with many years of experience making wooden furniture. This is a fairly popular furniture company in India with great export numbers to some countries in the world such as Japan, North America, and Europe. Many large companies and international agencies becomes its loyal customers, such as Bank of Tokyo, Embassy of Brazil,

That’s some of online furniture India with a good reputation and service in India.They are worthy of choice to meet your furniture requirement

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Key components of the Online shopping store in India

The web based shopping store in India is the considerable place to be the point at which you require the family item. The online organizations are influencing the site to outline all the more captivating and valuable for the clients. When you are on the site, you will see intriguing stuff surrounding you. It turns out to be difficult to disregard such lovely items. The arrangements are set in a way that the clients who see it the first run through turn into a fanatic of it. You will begin longing for the item. You unfit to oppose the arrangement. At last, you buy the item and fulfill your need.

The web based shopping store in India ends up well known because of advancement in the business. The most recent innovation is allowing the organizations to attempt diverse things on the internet shopping locales. The organization can track each activity of the clients and give the alter administration to them. The clients customize information is put away in the individual profile which at that point use to demonstrate to them a significant item to them. The server, reserve innovation gives site capacity to track the development of the clients. Clients’ exercises are put away in the framework and use to peruse the psyche of the specific clients. The self-governing calculation gives the constant outcome in view of the client’s movement. You may have seen on the web based business site. When you do some pursuit on the webpage, the site tracks your inquiry terms and demonstrates the applicable item to you. It additionally utilizes your area to strategically pitch other item which is well known in your district. You get more alternative in the item and in addition you can check other prominent item in your general vicinity. The framework works self-governingly and gives you the best quality substance while being on the site.

An extensive variety of installment passage:

In the online business, every one of the clients are similarly vital. You can’t stand the cost of losing a solitary client. So to give the best support of the clients, the organizations are putting forth the extensive variety of installment alternative to the clients. The internet shopping in India is totally changed in the advanced space. The money related organization, banks, installment entryway organizations are cooperating to concentrate the installment framework in the nation. All have their own installment portal framework that gives the simple access to these online business sites. Anybody in India can influence the installment on the online destinations by utilizing charge, to Mastercard or pick some other installment to make the installment. Web saving money is another most secure choice accessible for making the installment. Paytm is one of the notable and simple to get to installment framework as of now accessible in the Indian market. You can even go for the money down alternative on the off chance that you are not open to making the online installment. Numerous alternatives are available to obtaining the item on the web.

The advance of Online shopping stores in India:

The internet shopping store rolled out the huge improvements in the Indian economy. A large number of items are presently sold through the online entryways all around India. It is assessed that the Indian online business industry will soar in the coming day. The buyer securing will assume a major part in the web based business achievement. The more clients you have on your site, the more deal will happen. The consumer loyalty rate is another factor that will control the development of the business. On the off chance that the customers are great, at that point everything will become all-good. No compelling reason to stress over the development if the purchasers are happy with the administration. To some degree, the online business in India is doing great. We have seen enormous development in the business. It is quickly moving the upward way.

In conclusion: Online home shopping India will gain better ground later on. The pattern is certain and moving the correct way.

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How to Choosing an Best Online Store to Buy Furniture

furniture stores online, buy online furniture India

The internet can be seen as an open marketplace where you can buy almost anything. However, not all the furniture stores online can be relied upon. It is advisable to buy from the popular furniture stores online because they have secured websites which won’t expose your financial data. Before you take a final decision, make sure you do much research on the website you intend to buy from as well as have a full knowledge of the furniture you intend buying. This is the best way to get a very good deal.

Below, we will take a look at what you should do when you are selecting a furniture website:

1. Read the Website’s “About Us” Page

This is the first thing you should do whenever you are trying to choose an online furniture store. Professional retailers give sufficient details about their company which include a brief historical background and other information that addresses their customer satisfaction and services. Also on this page is their contact information such as a phone number and address. Any reputable company would provide ways for people to contact them furniture shopping stores in India

2. Look out for reviews

A lot of online furniture stores give room for users to post reviews. One or two bad reviews could be due to bad experiences but when the bad reviews become too much, then there is definitely a problem with that company.

You can check Google Product Search which allows users review and rank various stores. You can also rank merchants by giving them between 1-5 stars, depending on their performance. These are things you should look out for if you are planning to purchase from furniture stores online.

Amazon is one big giant where you can buy furniture from and you can search for the highest user review. Therefore, if you plan to buy online rocking chair India, all you need to do is search for the highest user review.

3. Make sure there is a clear Return Policy

The normal thing is for a website to have clear return policies. For instance, any website that charges a re-stocking fee or their return policy is complex or doesn’t even allows customers return items, then it’s advisable to avoid them.

There are several websites out there with policies that are flexible and customer friendly so they can return items they aren’t satisfied with. A lot of stores allow customers to return within 30 days while others 45-60 days. Another thing you should look out for is the re-stocking and shipping fees because any website that allows free return or shipping is okay.

4. Shop from Websites that are secured

To prevent identity theft, it is very important to buy from secured websites. During the checkout process, there are details that you need to pay attention to such as the URL of the site. If the URL begins with HTTPS instead of HTTP, then it means that the site is secured.

When choosing a site to buy furniture, one has to be really careful so as not to get their fingers burnt. There are a lot of websites out there with the aim of taking people’s money without selling anything to them. This is what you need be careful of.

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The Fun of Online Home Shopping India That You’ll Never Find Anywhere Else

If you have time to visit online stores through the World Wide Web, you may spend months as it grows every second. The existence of online shopping websites really helps millions of people, worldwide. First, it helps buyers to make comparisons among products that they need to choose. Buyers can also find excellent products that they might have never thought that they exist. Second, it helps anyone, who needs to sell his products or services by reaching global potential customers. It is proven by the mushrooming online shopping store India. Online shopping in this country has reached its fame, thanks to the huge variety of products with good prices.


Surprisingly, online shopping India becomes the world’s favorite destination, thanks to the massive arrays of offers that most people find them very affordable, without taking the quality of products for granted. These days, it is getting easier to choose highly discounted products with the most affordable prices, without spending too much time in visiting several malls for hours! Simply by sitting nicely in front of a laptop or by accessing some shopping apps from smart phones, buyers can get everything that they want to own.


However, are those online shopping sites in India trustworthy? How can buyers ensure that they buy products with their expected quality, while ensuring themselves that their purchased products will be delivered safely?

Fortunately, it is getting easier to determine, whether an online store is truly trustworthy or not. Even novice buyers can easily notice about the reputation of online store]s, only from their customer reviews. However, for those who don’t believe in reviews, can find details through social media networks, as they mostly come up with honest opinions based on users’ experiences.


It may be somewhat challenging to find the best online shopping website India, as there are too many websites that buyers should compare. But, it is obvious that websites with fixed phone number and address are trustworthy. They guarantee safe payment method and delivery shipping, as well as money-back warranty. So, nothing is too complicated for buyers to shop around.

Buyers also take the advantages of buying products with much lower prices, without taking the quality for granted. Many websites offer wholesale clearance products on certain events, like New Year, Christmas or Halloween. In India, there are lots of celebrations, when most online home shopping in India websites offer highly discounted products.


Online shopping India is not only popular among Indians. Millions of people worldwide really enjoy shopping through many Indian online stores. They consider that they can buy quality products-mostly artwork–with very affordable prices. Besides, they don’t need to worry about the shipping process, as most of those online shopping websites use reputable expedition companies.  India is popular for its massive numbers of human resources, in which they contribute to mass productions of products, such as electronics, fashion products, and also natural products like herbal medicine, oils, etc. This is the main reason, why buyers will never find any shortage of products on almost all online shopping sites in India.